Emerging Markets Engagement

Emerging Markets Engagement


Our Emerging Markets Engagement service helps investors to manage the ESG risks associated with investing in companies operating in these markets. The aim is to reduce ESG-related risks by helping companies focus on the right issues to improve ESG risk management and increase long-term value.

Key Features and Benefits


Engagement with High Risk Companies

The engagement is focused on the material ESG issues in the companies with the highest unmanaged ESG risks.


Reduce ESG Risk

Reduce your exposure to ESG risks by having us engage companies in a constructive dialogue.


Timely Insights

Access timely insights based on our most recent research and company meetings.


Established Engagement Process

Rely on an established process with clear engagement objectives and continuously updated information.


Positive Engagement Stories

Leverage engagement reports and case studies to improve client and beneficiary communications.


Negative Outlook Flagged

A non-responsive company that ignores ESG issues will be flagged as a case with a potential negative outlook.

Use Cases

1. Portfolio Management

The engagement program focuses on high-risk holdings in client portfolios with the aim to support ESG risk management.

2. ESG Integration

The assessment of responses and progress in addressing ESG risks and opportunities can be used as input into investment decisions.

3. Stewardship

Engagement demonstrates a commitment to being a responsible steward of clients’ assets.

4. Voting

Material ESG issues are addressed that may end up on the company's
AGM agenda and the engagement case information can thus be used to support
voting decisions.

5. Impact Reporting

Engagement cases are tracked consistently, enabling investors to report progress on change objectives to clients and/or beneficiaries. Engagement is also mapped against the Sustainable Development Goals to ease reporting.

6. Compliance with International Guidelines

Engagement is a requirement for responsible investors, according to guidelines by the PRI and the OECD.

Online Access to Real-Time Insights

Easily access the following information on our online portal.

1. Summary of material risks

A quick overview of the most material ESG issues facing the company.

2. Commentary

The Engagement Manager's observations and analysis of the case.

3. Case information

High-level case information with a rating of the company's response and progress towards resolving the issue.

4. Engagement information

The change objective(s) with a list of milestones achieved to date as well as the planned next steps.

5. Company dialogue

A summary of the company dialogue with an archived log of all communications, including meeting minutes.

6. SDG map

An overview of the Sustainable Development Goals addressed by the engagement.

7. Company related items

An overview of alerts and other engagement cases related to the company.

Use Emerging Markets Engagement:


To address ESG issues in your Emerging Markets portfolio; and


To comply with relevant international guidelines, such as the PRI.